Dreams to present.

Over the passed few nights my dreams have been incredibly thick-set. In summary of what I saw:

Thursday 29/09 night.

I started the dream mid conversation with someone dressed typical of James Bond of an evening, I was aware of being dressed almost identically with tux and tails. Upon ending the conversation I walk down a dimly lit narrow lane – it was late at night. Upon faintly hearing the James Bond character mention something about being in the same team together, I about face, draw a gun from my upper pocket, and put a bullet between his eyes. Queue next scene, I’m sat down outside what looks to be a restaurant, with 3 or 4 other smartly dressed guys.  At this point the dream ends while the 4 are in heavily discussion over a topic I cannot gauge.

Saturday 01/10 night.

Saturday night had me convinced I had driven home from where I was staying incredibly early in the morning, leaving all my belongings behind. When at home I was trying to understand why I would have done this and why I couldn’t remember how I’d driven home, or which route I’d taken. At this point I awake to find myself back where I was supposed to be- looking after someone’s house while they were away on holiday.

Monday 03/10 night.

I enter to find myself in a WW2 scene, entering a German occupied town with a very broad river flowing through the middle. Initially progress was good, taking across the river and taking control of the church. Everyone seemed convinced the German’s were hiding important information of some kind within the church, so we set about searching through. I decided to head up the tower and discovered an odd set of what look liked stone walled tunnels that ran through the outer walls. I shouted down for assistance but there was no answer no matter how loud I shouted. I woke after about 4 attempts, thinking the group I was with had been captured somehow.


~ by minotaur41 on 2011/10/04.

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