Oh how I wish I was a space colonist.

The countless chances we as a species have had the passed 50 years to truly exceed our boldest ideas and at almost every single turn there’s been drama, war, speculation, funding cuts and simple ignorance of why space is so important.

It’s easy to look at, for example, the Dark Ages and how it stifled the Western World’s advancement of technology. However this is dwarfed by the modern day equivalents be it political agenda, resource wars, religious fundamentalism and even simple brushing away the will to be curious and explore/discover. I find it painful to watch my social networking feed at times where the typical weekend photos will go up of ‘same-old-club’ with “I have such a massive headache today :(” not 12 hours afterwards.

I’ll admit I’m no saint to set examples by. I’ve no qualifications in physics or aerospace, I don’t even own a telescope. What I do have is a will to support the human race in endeavours that further our understanding of why we are here, how we came to be, and what’s out there amongst those pale twinkling dots in the night sky.

I hope that one day and certainly not through desperation, we get off this rock with a combined effort to do so.


~ by minotaur41 on 2011/10/04.

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