Hello world… I have a lot to get off my mind.

Where do you begin with a mind that is already boiling over with so many random, weird and wonderful thoughts, ideas and dreams from the passed weeks worth of sleep.

Of late I’ve found my mind drifting through scales of thought and it’s been when sleeping, driving to and from the work place, or sitting in my office. Rather than just let these thoughts diminish into the void at the back of my head, I’ve decided it’s due time I got some of them down. I intend to categorise these out for dreams, ideas for a new “thing”, ideology, random thoughts, historical recollection and coincidence-clashing for now.

About myself? I’m an articulate and well spoken 20-something from a touristy corner of an island off on the edge of a pond. I fix small beige or black boxes full of redundant bits of a commonly used technology that run pieces of fairly well-written software. I also support the users of these beige and black boxes, whose own ‘software’ must be said, was anything but well-written, and hasn’t been updated for some considerable time.

My social habits are rare and spaced out over the course of any given year, friends amounting to a little over the number digits in my phone number. These things are part of life’s trial and tribulations, what puts a spanner in the works is finding someone to be truly open with and just empty thoughts out to.

So, as one particularly plucky spaceship captain once said, here we are… on the raggedy edge.


~ by minotaur41 on 2011/10/04.

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