London come and goeth.

So after a week of sight seeing in London, catching a well needed break from problems inconspicuous and somewhat meaningless, but never the less incredibly frustrating, I find myself once again in pursuit of a much needed companion on the final weekend of my leave.

This guy, though totally fixed on pursuing his goal of IT Demi-god status, sees something in me that few others seem to make the effort for – potential of something wonderful. It kicks me so hard sometimes that I have to make 10x the effort to find this close match, 10x further than a lot of people even dream of going other than on holidays.

I know I should look at what I do to find the right guy as a sign that I’m determined, and optimistic no matter the distance or cost. Yet when I look at some of my peers and casual acquaintances who, in spite of opportunities laid out in front of them, only muster enough effort to find someone on the other side of their town or possibly the next one along.

I make 10x the effort, travel 10x the distance and when told of this, these people look at me in almost disbelief. If love should be so rewarding from your efforts to ignite it, should I not be in the pantheon of romance seekers?


~ by minotaur41 on 2011/10/15.

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