This guy is…

It seems the IT demi-god has made his impression on me. Three weeks have passed since meeting him in a busy city shopping hall, having a look round for a decent restaurant and making good conversation to thin out the ice between strangers. Not to sound like a giant blancmange, it honestly feels as if months have gone by. The connection has remained without fault and one would hope, remain strong for the months ahead. Possibly beyond?

Rather earlier than expected we’re onto meeting parents. This would be one thing I’ve not done for a long while and certainly not in a situation as this – a gay relationship and meeting for dinner at a restaurant of demi-god’s choosing. There’s certainly an eagerness to see this through, generally because of very inquisitive minds. My impression of the evening at the moment is, to be polite, friendly and get it over and done with; above all make a good impression.

“Don’t mention the war Basil.”

Furthermore, I’ve gone back to feelings I’ve not felt in years for someone. Not 2 nights ago, I was dosing off at my office desk. A couple of fingers were pressed against my lips from the hand I was leaning into. For all of a moment I thought I was kissing him. Again when I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep the same night, I was hugging a spare pillow and sure enough after dosing off, I’m hugging him. I can’t get enough of this guy but above all, I don’t want want to push too hard, too fast.


~ by minotaur41 on 2011/10/25.

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