What happens beyond this?

Back on the train after a shortened day of herding my IT-sheep on my way to the IT demi-god. I’ve caught myself wondering what will happen after his stay on at Uni and how it might coincide with a long term plan of mine to emigrate out to somewhere Scandinavian.

It’s a sacrifice we would both be taking ultimately; family, friends, commonly known links and whereabouts of general life will be all but gone. Should I ultimately sacrifice this idea if he’s not interested? These are very early days of course, short of scaring him away there’s no need to discuss moving plans when we’re still going over family backgrounds and personality traits.

The week ahead looks promising for us both, Friday to Sunday and the hope of talking through some by-gone matters that need addressing, if only to reassure myself for trust and counsel in some that I hope to become extricably linked with.


~ by minotaur41 on 2011/10/26.

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