A big leap into the unknown.

Hey how are you doing? I’m still at my social. I’m quite drunk though as I’m a bit of a lightweight  lol but yeah, can’t wait till Friday and I f*cking love you man. I’ve not been this happy before and you bring me that happiness and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. xxxx

So he was enjoying his evening, but that text message certainly plucked the heart strings. Last weekend went, thankfully, without a hitch. We were both lying on his bed in the student halls when the time felt right to get some home truths across; about what had happened this last year, why I was so solemn for the first couple of weekends we spent together.

After what seemed like reading war and peace, he smiles, eyes wide, looking like he was about to cry. ” What’s in the past, is all but gone. I still love you for you are, and you know you can always talk to me.” With that, I knew I’d found the foundations to start something wonderful and a means to heal my wounds from mistakes I’d made. Here’s to hoping.

After a month’s worth of weekends down to his University, it’s 2 weekends at my place which I’m hoping will give us more time to really bond over the usual shopping/café/bustling city life . If I had 1 concern, it would be a call to impress, if there is any need to do so. Only so much you can do with a looming Winter, a tight budget and 10’000 acres of woodland cows and sheep.



~ by minotaur41 on 2011/11/03.

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