I grow weary of this place.

My workplace has gone from my career starting point, to long-term progression, to steady work flow and slow but surely dwindling down to the progressive potential of a brick wall.

Today I came in to upgrade the server framework. I brought along my partner for 2 reasons – firstly, given he had travelled to see me for the weekend, I couldn’t exactly leave him on his own and secondly, he was genuinely interested in what I had to do to the servers. He had no way to infiltrate the security of the company’s IT equipment, no authentication, no idea of possible addresses or codes. As luck would have it of course, the boss paid a visit on his way back from a Remembrance Day service. Seeing my partner sat next to me in my office immediately triggered off a whole series of questions from the boss regarding the security of the IT systems, followed by a lengthy explanation of how he had founded the company.. a story that is used as a blow-out card if you will; if all else fails, say why I’m the boss.

This is ultimately why the company I work for hits so many walls and only just manages to get itself out of story weather. People who are out of touch with current day concepts of security, who are adamant that it is only their opinion that is the right one without a hope of reasoning. How can they possibly believe that telling the same old story will help people realise their goals or potentials?

I really need to get out of this company. This passed year has made me increasingly aware of just how backwards minded and wilfully ignorant some people can be. It has driven me to the point of distraction and removed all but fragments of determination to complete day-to-day tasks. Thus far the recruitment drive hasn’t been sympathetic and agencies have turned blind eyes to my references and substantial experience. Ultimately I am so relieved to have my partner there to talk to now, but I cannot help but feel that in the coming months I will be heavily reliant on his empathy and emotional strength. I only hope he is as understanding as he appears.


~ by minotaur41 on 2011/11/13.

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