So again I press onwards.

Things have move on in great leaps and bounds since my last update and apologies for leaving it all seemingly suspended.

After much deliberation and looking objectively at my career path, the only thing that would truly present opportunities in plenty is to return to full time education. Hindsight would suggest this should have been something I undertook before now, but honestly I think I would have once again succumbed to the pressure, having little to no close encouragement.

So.. here I am now awaiting loans to be processed, student union representation and banks to be welcoming; a world away from house hunting and questionable rent levels in a town that thinks it’s a city.

I owe this stride, this total diversion of my life to my partner. Were it not for him, I may well have been carrying on doing the same old thing until I’m old, grey, and filled with regret. It is to him I already owe a great deal for bringing me back into a decent track in life. Speaking of whom, 3 months have passed since we kicked things off. 3 decidedly lightning months, the 4th sees no end to the momentum. It would seem odd to say that I hope things actually slow down a little, just to manage the time and to enjoy each others company. The topic of particular interest and certain curiosity is my partner and I sharing the same degree and the same University. I’m not really sure how to answer that, there’s room to go our separate ways should things not turn out the way we hoped, and theres, a great deal of opportunity to relieve each other financially – living for 2 as the saying goes.

Ambition. Ambition seems to be the biggest storm brewing in my mind now. The ability to obtain, exceed and experience all of those things I’ve wanted to do for so long, take up a musical instrument again, get into active debates and follow those examples left behind by Hitchens, Sagan and so on. Hell – the gym could use a going over on a regular basis so long as my knees keep up.

So here we are on the raggedy edge, as a space ship captain once put it. The pieces are being placed into position, the players are waiting in the wings, the introduction has finished and the crowd are excited. The game is about to begin.


~ by minotaur41 on 2012/01/27.

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