2 opposite paths

I hate that the world I live in has 2 very opposite paths. One has me as a leader of the people, sorting things out, revolutionizing what we see today and taking us, at last, into a bright future and big plans, and bold ambitions. The other direction has me fretting over social wherewithal, what I do in my spare time, and silly things like vacuum pipes with limited lifespans and a manufacturer that doesn’t exist anymore.

I can see the answers. They are all there within grasp, and I can do absolutely nothing to action any of them.

Instead I have to listen to quirky conversations that go on well passed their due time about the difference between the CPI and the RPI with no one knowing what the difference is to answer a customer’s query. Yet right in-front of them is a computer connected to the biggest vault of information the earth has ever seen.

I sit there and I listen with a quiet and shrouded hysteria.

Now.. if I go over and help them as a good deed, I know there will be an almost certainty of 1 answer. That ever mind-piercing hypocrisy of, “Oh I should have known that already, I’m so stupid sometimes!” Followed without breath by that shrieking laugh of blissful ignorance and expectation of feedback from me.


~ by minotaur41 on 2012/03/13.

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