A scientist among scientists, from predicition to conclusion.

It’s a striking thought that Peter Higgs (The Higgs Mechanism, Higgs Boson) is now part of a select group of pioneering scientists who have lived to see their own theories, once detailed on paper and chalk boards, realised in real world experiments.

I can only imagine what is must be like to see something so grand and fundamental to all life being proven in a lifetime, and what it must have felt like to see the results. So many hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people have watched, supported, investigated, researched and produced data to support this monumental discovery. He knows – Higgs – knows.  He shed a few tears towards the end of the seminar today at CERN – must be a clue.

I lived in a time to watch a scientist realise his own work into reality.  Here, is one truly happy man.


~ by minotaur41 on 2012/07/04.

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