A term is done and gone.

While there is still much to be done, the Autumn term has finally breathed its last after what is almost certainly one of the most detestable terms for my degree – across 2 year groups no less – that people can seemingly remember. High calibre rounds of coursework and tests fired off repeatedly towards the end of the term, with what seemed like a never ending sea of comments singing to a tune of, “well surely you have the time to do x, y, and z”. Apparently communication inter-faculty is still a noble prize for the bleeping obvious, waiting to be discovered and peer-reviewed.

All the while the base of operations is mired by the upstairs residence. This week has been of a particular headache, 1 day in particular where security staff were called to the flat 3 times over with still no end to the noise. Forgivingly, after a brief meeting and a lot of call log forwarding from the residency offices, the situation is now at a showdown stage. Guarantors of their lets have even been contacted to quell the madness.

Aside from a lack of “gymming” due to incessant deadlines, things are on the up-and-up. I find myself back in the respected and sort after position of being able to organise people and coursework in group assignments and assisting anyone in need. It’s refreshing because this time round, with people who really want to learn, you know the support and guidance is well received. The course group has it’s bunches of friends, that much is certain; some simply aren’t socially compatible to others aside from sharing the occasional classroom and lecture theatre. Compared to the second years it’s slightly depressing to see everyday, knowing your group’s resourcefulness is limited to only a handful of people you instinctively *know* will get the job done.

There’s much left to be done in the coming year. Many obstacles to cross and more than anyone’s fair share of challenges. My lack of confidence in some of the related tasks of this term have actually taken me by surprise with consistently good marks and one case a 94%, ranking me 19th= of some 250 maths students. My GCSE grades of some 10 years ago got me into the 60% area – amazing what some consistent revision and an incredibly helpful guide can do in a little over 2 weeks.

Well here’s to a year that has seen a change in me. A year of moving on with my life rather just sitting watching the world pass by. I hope the next one sees vast improvements on the foundations already laid.


~ by minotaur41 on 2012/12/14.

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