Relief washes over – written 3rd June 2013

So here I am.

The exams for the year, are done; the course for the year, is complete. Results slowly trickle form past coursework with the big date set of 5th July. Results day. I know now that even if I’ve complete and utterly trashed the 4 major exams and pull a minimum pass for all of them I still get an Upper Second (2-1). So the aim is a first, which at the moment I am teetering on the edge of, with 0.06% over the required mark if I get above 70% in all of them on average. It’s a fine line, but it’s a magnificent achievement if it does happen. Everything is crossed for the next month and a half.

I came into University knowing a couple of people, pegged on the recommendations of the IT Demi-God now long gone. I was very overweight regardless of taking a more stricter diet after leaving my 9-5. I was very unfit – spending 7 years behind a desk, with weak knees and a long commute did nothing for me and piled onto the psychological corner I had put myself in of “you’re not fit, you can’t do anything because of your knees”. I have seen the sheer cliff faces of difficulty overcome in coursework and exams. Where subjects almost alien to me have been tackled head on and not without the undying support of what later became known as “The Alpha Squad”. A group of 5 including myself, who stuck with each other through coursework, revision and exams. Supporting one-another in a rag-tag brotherhood of sorts. I know now that without them and without the help of the regular crowd of the garish orange sofas in garish-branded bright orange and deep red coffee shops.

I’ve tackled life since September, in it’s may forms. I’ve overcome relationship meltdown, I narrowly avoided a bout of depression and insomnia, with bedtime verging close and closer to dawn and while not quite there yet, I’m making headway on my fitness. A set of friends are now also there that for the first time in my life, I can turn to and say “I’m always here for you and I know you’ll do the same for me”.  Getting invited out to parties and dinner dates through actual wanting me there rather than my chasing and subsequent hesitation on the hosts side.

Things have now really began to pick up. I’ve committed myself to ending the year with a bang – pushing the radio society into a full week of radio shows, crating advertising for each show and managing people to cover them. It’s been great fun and I’ve really felt I’ve achieved something out of this – that with nary a budget to spend.


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