The dating game changes gears – written 30th June 2013

I’ve been at the mercy of my phone since getting back home. Since I improved my appearance with a radically short hair cut at the end of May and made updates various dating websites (if one can fish in many ponds at once, what is there to lose?) I have become swarmed by messages of curiosity, welcoming and invitations for meet-ups and dates. So heavy was the traffic at one stage last week that I was having to keep tabs on my laptop by using a post-it note app just to remind myself of who I had told what and likewise what was known about them. As whore-sounding as it may seem, I was never out to grab anything and everything I could. I was out to find the best of the lot, given this chance of a massive social boost to my warn out, but positive life of the past couple of months.

So began a series of dates stretching across a 150-mile span, with me living in the middle. From a friendly outgoing chap by the coast, to an all designer labels can’t-keep-my-eyes-off-my-phone type in the city, if anything the exercise gave me confidence and the ability to try my luck with a wide range of would-be-potentials. I felt invigorated – was this the new me? A man now able to play his cards against a choice of players without even trying nearly as hard as previous relationships? Confidence grew with each new meeting and contacts not lost either. I’ve now found myself with a collection of gay-friends, something unthinkable to me a year ago.

Sadly though this gallivanting across the countryside will have to end for a few weeks. It’s off to the big city for a 4 week placement that’s really given me a starting gun’s notice to find a place to live and sort out the itinerary  for bus times, costs and so on. I hope it goes well, after the HR Dept. nearly put a wrecking ball through my hopes, here’s to very many fingers and toes crossed.


~ by minotaur41 on 2013/07/30.

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