A fiery streak.

On the rails again very early in the morning, making my escape for a day “up” to another section of this little island’s south coast. Dawn is just breaking as I sit here in a train that’s long overdue for retirement, making small talk with an EU Farms and Fisheries rep on his way to Brussels. Not exactly perfect weather for reuniting with some of my closest, long-standing friends from a distant time at school, but it’s the company I’m after rather than what’s falling out of the sky.

Meanwhile the second year of University looms over me like a tidal wave. It’s there, I know it, I sense it, but there is little I can do to avoid it except prepare and endure. This year, I’ve been duly informed by the upper years is the “boot-camp” year. The Autumn term kicks off with more deadlines than you can shake a stick at, finishing with a series of exams and a collaborative project level to that of most e-commerce websites. Any wonder last year, when 1 lecturer changed a deadline out of the blue, a majority of the year group nearly laid siege to the faculty, with a hand full pull out and calling it quits until this year to try again. For me this year has many challenges. Not just academic or my interests, but a drive for surviving financially. The call to get money in to cover costs is absolute. I’ve been proactive in taking up an old task of IT freelancing to the student body. Whether or not it’ll be successful remains to be seen; the student body have a polarity of sorts. They either already know how to fix it themselves, or have a friend or house-mate who can, or they would simply rather buy a new computer to save the trouble. Cheap rates and cunning persuasion will be key, or I risk falling out  of favour with my bank.

So it is to the university radio. I was initially driven by this role, being incredibly determined to make the radio great, pulling in listener rating the likes of which had never been seen, to be a face, to be a name. The cold reality of it is aside from 2 others in management roles this year with their own priorities to cover, the rest have yet to truly appreciate just how much work is needed for us to survive as a sustainable society this year. Meetings approach next week to settle things post-haste. We have little time, and many hurdles to cover – both people and arbitrary items. I only hope that come the winter, it’ll all be in hand.


~ by minotaur41 on 2013/09/12.

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