To desire power.

Many of the most powerful men in history, Men like Alexander, Caesar, and Genghis Khan, all had a titanic goal that only had room at the end for them at the top. Yet despite this tens, no, hundreds of thousands of men laid down their lives to help achieve these dreams. Do you know why that is? It’s because many people give up on their dreams, and thus cling onto and follow a strong leader who hasn’t. That leader may sacrifice them without ever knowing their name, but they are still willing to die for that sense of partial life fulfilment.

If you desire great power, be ruthless, be cunning and forge your own path while relying on others as little as possible. Others in the early days will only see you as a rung they themselves use for their own dreams of power. After a long time of doing this, and if you have had successes, eventually people will begin to notice, and others will flock to you to support you. Your dream succeeding becomes their dream, and that’s how a true leader is formed.

– Discussions on leadership, May 2014.


~ by minotaur41 on 2014/06/02.

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