Relocation, relocation, relocation.

All has settled in the suburban town just outside the capital. In 3 day’s time I’ll kick off a 12 month IT placement with an upstanding and nationally influential solutions company.

The move last Monday was a manic rush from 1 place to the next, re-packing things over again from the half-way station of home, consolidating all manner of kitchen utensil and crockery so as to avoid doubling up upon arrival, where all was provided for… more or less. Upon moving in it was clear there was an air about the other residents – one of complaint regarding the occupant population (where upon I was really the last to be welcome, any more would be too much) and the disagreement between the metered coin-laundry service and the tenancy agreement – which includes all utilities and makes a point about fair use of utilities, so as not to abuse them. It seems another fight is now on my hands.

This town is a busy one – the roads outside the house do not fall silent until the twilight hours, a corner shop outside appears to be the hub of organised chaos, along with a fuel station just opposite. I’ve found it would be easier to related this town as something more functional – shopping, eating, sleeping and look to the town where I’ll be working as a more relative homely, quiet place where I can relax and unwind when needs be.

Loneliness seems to be the running theme for now, as the house-mates tend to be in and out of the house at various times of the day. Friends will come around I’m sure but for now, it’s quiet.



~ by minotaur41 on 2014/06/27.

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