Beyond reckoning – written August 2014

I am 6 weeks in to a work placement I have so far found absolute determination for, in the same way I applied myself to University. Nothing will get in my way, and so far it has paid off. Most people in the first few months, hell even first year at work want to keep their heads down, not wish to rock the boat at all, but work hard all the same.

“Try not to piss anyone off.”

“Work hard for your first 2 years, after that you can relax.”

Quotes mentioned by many of the sales floor veterans.

Yes, the placement is primarily a sales-fuelled operation, but I’m no Account Manager, I’m in a role which provides solutions to the sales teams, which in some ways has allowed me to look over the whole process, and seen where faults lie. The company, as amazing to work for so far as it is, is not without fault. It always takes a fresh set of eyes to see that; when you’ve been working somewhere for long you can become too accustomed to how things are. The norm; the way of things. A team-colleague put it to me on more than one occasion that, “Nothing will change, it’ll be the same the whole time you’re here.” when I asked about the faltering wireless network. I am all too well known for rocking the boat, with a ferocious ambition when my mind is set on something that I really want to complete and see made better. People, document flow, websites, even the look and feel of a gadget or everyday device. My mind seems to have an attraction to making rights in life around me.

So it was with the placement – I took to seeing the problems and what they were. Within the first week, I had accumulated a range of problems, met with my manager, and set out looking into reasons for them and most importantly how to fix them. Here we are 5 weeks later. I have written up a  guide for introduction to the department, hot-fixed an application the department relies on (and was horribly broken by the developer a week or so ago), pushed forward the development and implementation of a ticketing system for the department (desperately needed as things had slowly decayed into email based support and document sharing), and keeping track of department concerns – things that needed to be fixed long ago and have been left to the “never to be reviewed” pile.

Long may this last, this momentum satisfies me greatly.


~ by minotaur41 on 2014/10/12.

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