The abyss of loneliness.

If there’s one thing in my life that’s carved out a path in my life, it’s my heart. As much as wisdom will tell you it would be best to perhaps take a step back and evaluate the situation, the heart will drive you on to that distant glimmer on the horizon and the possibility of love, companionship, ongoing support.

It seems that no matter how optimistic the initial situation may be, how positive the progression made in conversation or how strong the feeling is that this new prospect seems right; after a few phone calls and photos exchanged, the connection breaks down, and the enthusiasm is lost. What does one have to do in this world to catch someone’s attention enough that they too will take a step forward and give their time to learn about someone the just might be the match to complete their lives? How difficult would it be just to meet up over a hot drink and test the water?

While this has been a truly large kick to the groin, the messages keep rolling in, the “interested parties” keep introducing themselves; on the other hand I have a growing sense of my heart hardening up against the idea. I do so wish to have someone close, but in a mind-set of paranoia, I cannot help but think some level of distrust has already been instilled. They will be interested then burn out just as quickly.

To push the commonly cried phrase, “I need a hug”.



~ by minotaur41 on 2014/11/23.

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