2014 – the dawn of a new era.

In a similar situation to 2013, time marched on to 2014 with not but a whimper – at home in the rolling hills of the national park, Mother needing chores completing and more wood being brought in for the fire. Big Ben seems like a distant memory. This year saw in 6 months of the heaviest set work at university that I’ve yet to experience, coupled with taking on 3 roles within the radio station just to keep it above water, and finding a suitable placement with which to give my hibernating career path a much needed reboot (no pun intended).

University was tough to say the least  – heading straight back into the thick of it, coursework flying left right and centre – Jan 2014 was the kick start of a collaborative project between close friends and I, alongside the many other deadlines and exams. Empty promises were made of keeping things in check  – early nights, early milestone targets, and much like the Armistice made almost 100 years ago the famous words of , “Never again” were made in reference to previous coursework pieces. Did we succeed? Well the coursework came back with the top marks of the year group. Did we keep to the promises we made to each other? Not even close, our hearts were there but our ‘Charlies’ certainly weren’t.  By this time however another weight had been lifted from my shoulders somewhat – that of having to land a suitable placement for the upcoming 12-month tick-box marathon of placement year – or so it seemed at the time. I succeeded in gaining 2 possible placement contracts, both stemming from previous work contracts. As they say, it’s who you know.

The radio saw its way through a storm like no other – one that it has still yet to see through to the end. I took on the challenges of handing over to the successor executive team from March, and began the process of writing up the necessary documents and finalising any last remaining events to cover. Come September, those that were put into place were quickly restructured in what appears to be the most successful shock-tactic election going. It worked, somehow, and those that were involved in the process were nothing short of professional, well-meaning and exceptionally methodical.

One in particular I now consider one of my closest friends, and possibly the next biggest highlight of the year to my placement success. This towering Cornishman has wisdom beyond his years, and great methods of simply getting things done. I’ve been more than happy to support him in his goals and plans, because I can see the potential and the ultimate outcome. I look forward to spending a great deal more time with the Cornishman, his partner and related friends. I have finally found a circle I feel completely comfortable in. As with many things in University, I hope I don’t let a connection like this slide away into the background, never to be seen again.

So to placement. What a roller coaster ride. I feel I have for myself the potential to absolutely excel, beyond all previous comprehension. I have reached back to the University representing the company, securing it for the next year as a viable placement location. I have taken on every task head on and pushed them through to completion. I have 8 moths to go (thanks to a contract extension), and possibilities of consultancy work through my final year, continuing through till post-graduation. Yes, finally, things have worked out for the career path – a bigger launch pad than I could have ever hoped for. I have expressed my gratitude to all of my co-workers and new found friends this year. There is so much success to be had in the next year – it will dwarf all previous achievements.

So to 2015 – this already has greater expectations tied to it than the entire history of this blog, 3 years in the making. I intend on striking of 3 goals – not so much resolutions – they were already well known to me:

  • Repair relations with my brother after an 18-month tear in communications. It’s something that’s been far too prevalent in my family and needs sorting out.
  • Meeting up with friends long left behind. Too many sacrifices made, and some people need my time devoted to them for a change. I intend on seeing at least 3 of them and just have a decent catch up through a day or weekend.
  • Close the book on the Lost Scot – this is going to involve a trek up North to finally put this to bed. We all have to move on one way or another. For good or bad – I intend to find a better way than this suspense, also now 3 years long.

So here we are – 2015 – a year of progression. Next stop, the Moon.


~ by minotaur41 on 2014/12/29.

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