1 season of wait and preparation

May has brought on many challenges, emotional and practical. With them the prospect that yes -University is fast approaching. 90 working days remain until all is packed up and moved 150 miles way back West. It’s still 90 days, however. A lot can, and is happening.

So with a skip in my step, May produced one of the most detailed system proposals I’ve ever made in my working life. and 18-page report, 12 dataflow diagrams, 6 spreadsheets detailing attributes, 10 email templates and a very conservative Total Cost of Ownership report (not wishing to rock the boat, or flat out lie). Everything was painstakingly pushed through my department so make sure it all made sense, and nothing glaring had been left to hypotheticals. My team grew weary every time these vast emails with 6-8 attachments were seemingly forced upon them and a great and many apologies and humble appreciations were detailed with every one sent. Still the feedback and ideas came in; the report was revised and added to. So finally, after 4 weeks of anxious writing and milestone prediction, I submitted a completed report with the nod of management and the push ahead to the Internal Development team. Not to bore further, but it’s been a relief that this may well be on the way at long last. A system that has been asked for through time and memorial in the department, with naysayers when I initially pushed forward with the idea nearly a year ago, at long last it has been budgeted for, and written into the folds of the company’s storybooks. Legacy. Legacy is difference between someone who wades through a fast flowing river, and someone who builds a bridge across that river. I’m in the business of building bridges. There is more to do, lots more both with this proposal and with other matters of a more media-related nature. I look forward to each and every day.

The Affectionist and I went through something of a reality check in May. 3 months in and the daunting task of limited communication was very apparent. His new job involves a very disconnected world (deliberately one would argue), and very long hours playing guardian to under-16s at a multi-activity centre just off the south coast. He has tried hard to get by, but it’s apparent that income is balanced against a dauntingly equal expenditure. Coupled with an unfortunate case of dodgy technology we had very little luck over the first few weeks of the month keeping in touch. So it was with the Lost Scot I unleashed a backup plan that, while unsuccessful in deployment last time, actually pulled through for The Affectionist. Taking a good look at my own finances and landing a sizable bonus through May, I decided right away to make the jump once again. “MiFi” or Mobile Broadband is no new concept – having a 3G connection to share across 5 devices, with a router no larger than a pebble on a beach is something tried and test for the past 5 years. So it was I made some quick research into signal coverage where he worked, and likely to be based. All signs pointed to a reliable provider I’d used before. Within a week, the modem and package arrived, set up and sent straight to him. He was very grateful to say the least. I dare say he’s not sure how to express gratitude of any given breadth because of his background. I know deep down inside he loves it. He reminds me in some ways of my father, while quietly expressive of polite thanks, would keep his true feelings to himself. We intend to see each other at the end of this month for a weekend, and his checking with me on the cost of staying on the camp with him (£15 per night) just makes me smile. It’s scale of appreciating value, and I suppose in some ways his appreciation of how to value money has given me a clearer sense of keeping track of the smaller expenses. Even with the draconian budgeting projection I keep.

I know these early unquestioned and supporting moves are vital. They show that regardless of distance and challenge, I care and yearn for his company. Material goods? Yes, in some ways they are. However, within certain material goods (like internet-capable pebbles) there is the ability to allow for sentiment and feeling in communication.


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