I love that I’m in love (written March 2016).

It’s been a while since my last blog post, probably too long a time to truly reflect what’s been happening. What has happened in life however, has been wonderful, with 1 exception.

“Bambi” and I have been together for 7 months now. He has become the friend of my friends, a welcome guest to my house whenever he wishes, my support when I’ve had a bad day/week. It almost feels like that so called honeymoon period hasn’t actually finished yet. Every week there’s something to do together, and on the day of our anniversary every month a dinner, picnic, fun event is lined up to celebrate. The most significant trait I find with him? There is no judgement made of me, not a hint of being scored up by my actions. He takes me as “me”, a situation I’ve never really found myself in for a relationship, and I feel all the better for it. As the months progressed we’ve now discussed what lies ahead, that which is looming ahead is notably the Mongol Rally attempt I undertake for 2 months, then a relocation back to the company headquarters shortly after. We’ve agreed it’ll be tough, on a relationship that’s seen us meeting almost every day since we met, but there’s enough of a bond to hold us together through the week without any doubt. Outside of University he happens to live not too far away from my workplace, and likewise I can travel both to University and to his house, whichever is most convenient for that given week. We’ll make it work, that I am certain. Currently Bambi is away for the Easter break, the longest time we’ve been apart – 3 weeks seems like an eternity. I intend to surprise him when he returns, hopping off the train to be greeted with a bouquet of roses and a long meaningful hug.

Sadly inter-house relationships have soured; an argument transpiring between a cliquey group of inner-circle radio-ites and myself over their laisse-faire attitudes towards my personal property lead to an atmosphere you could cut with a knife. I have tried to make amends, and start over but I feel the damage has been done. Time to knuckle down and complete what I came here to do – a degree.


~ by minotaur41 on 2016/06/17.

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